About our Coaching Services

Our coaching services focus on helping people bring about a positive step change in their professional working life. 

We specialise in working with:

  • Executives and senior managers who want to develop their skills so they can rise to meet new leadership challenges
  • Professionals wishing to advance their career or make a career change
  • Mid-senior HR professionals who are looking to grow their HR leadership, influence and strategic capabilities.

We work with both organisations and private individuals.

In our organisational work, we provide leadership coaching, either to support current executives and senior managers or to help develop and prepare top talent for future management roles. We can also support talent in the HR team and help them develop their skills so they step up to new and changing business needs.

In our work with individuals, we provide executive and leadership coaching, career coaching and we also offer specialist coaching for mid-senior HR professionals.


We provide a free introductory call (by phone, Zoom or Microsoft Teams) to explore the interests and aims for which you’re seeking support.  Experience has shown us that this introductory session performs two essential roles:

  1. It helps us check that we have the skills and experience to meet your particular needs, and
  2. It helps you decide whether we’re a good fit for you.

Most of our coaching is delivered online by Zoom or Microsoft TEAMS (we can also offer phone coaching and dependent on location, in-person coaching too).  Our standard coaching sessions are  90 minutes in length because experience has shown us that an hour is typically not sufficient to allow for the fullest possible exploration of the issues at hand.  Plus, a 90-minute session helps clients generate a follow-on plan they can action between sessions so they can maximise the value they gain from coaching. 

Unlike many other coaching providers, we also offer between-session email support such as providing resources or materials for clients to help them with their reflection and learning or to assist them with investigating options and action planning.

Our coaching is priced per session with the number of sessions dependent on the nature of each client’s situation and goals. Discounted rates are available for individuals and organisations in the not-for-profit sector.

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