Experienced manager wanting some new strategies to help you meet work-related challenges? Successful professional aiming to demonstrate that you are ‘leadership material’?   Our executive coaching can help you gain fresh insights and develop practical and flexible personal resources so you can take your leadership skills to the next level.  

“During the past year I led on a pan organisation workstream where I have no doubt the coaching I have received from Sally has helped hugely. There have been some tricky conversations that needed having and some tough negotiations.

At our sessions Sally asked me some real killer questions that have been lightbulb moments and have helped me to come up with strategies that I could use in the following weeks.  The workstream has led to significant savings and efficiencies and I am confident that Sally’s support has helped me ensure that the project was a success”.

Head of Business Operations

Leadership Coaching

    More than ever in this ‘outbreak era’ leaders need to be skilled at generating solutions from ambiguity and forging a real sense of team and ‘togetherness’ whilst working remotely from colleagues.

    We specialise in working with executives and senior managers who want to develop their skills to help them address new leadership challenges.

    Our coaching is primarily ‘solutions-focussed’ which means that we concentrate on helping clients generate solutions rather than engaging in a deep analysis of problems. Solutions-focussed coaching helps develop flexible thinking and resourcefulness which are critical skills for leaders in times of organizational change such as we are experiencing right now.  And it is pragmatic too i.e. it looks for the simplest path to achieving a result that is satisfactory to the coachee and their organization. 

    The following are indicative of situations where our leadership coaching can assist:

    • Preparation to step into new, more senior leadership roles.
    • Support following promotion to a new role
    • Whenever a person wishes to work on their:
      • Leadership vision, confidence and capability
      • Strategic choice and decision-making
      • People insight and ability to manage key relationships
      • Personal impact and communication skills.

    We are trained in a range of coaching methods including goal setting and action planning as well as cognitive behavioural coaching which can help change thinking habits or behaviours that may be holding someone back or preventing them from achieving their full potential. We combine expertise in the coaching process with a deep and first-hand understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of being a senior manager and leader.

    s well as our core coaching expertise, we also:

    • Speak the language of business.
    • Assist in developing awareness of stakeholder considerations (e.g. employees, management colleagues, Board etc..).
    • Can share leadership techniques to expand a person’s options.


    Leadership Coaching delivery and fees

    We deliver coaching by phone, online (via Zoom) and face-to-face which means you can choose the delivery which best suits your circumstances and personal preference.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length but more generally once you’ve had a first, foundational coaching session, we also offer a flexible range of shorter sessions (45, 60 and 75 minutes) so you can select slots to meet your particular needs.

    Unlike many other coaching providers, we offer between-session email support such as providing resources or materials to help clients with their reflection and learning or to assist them with investigating options and action planning.

    Our services are priced per session which means clients are free to stop coaching when their coaching needs have been met.  Discounted rates are available for individuals working in the not-for-profit sector. For further information and to discuss your needs, please get in touch with us.