“During the past year I led on a pan organisation workstream where I have no doubt the coaching I have received from Sally has helped hugely. There have been some tricky conversations that needed having and some tough negotiations. At our sessions Sally asked me some real killer questions that have been lightbulb moments and have helped me to come up with strategies that I could use in the following weeks. The workstream has led to hundreds of thousands of pounds in savings and efficiencies and I am confident that Sally’s support has helped me ensure the project was a success”

Head of Business Operations

“When I met Sally I had been working for my then employer for around 15 years.  I had already progressed to a management position but was wanting to take my career to the next level.  Sally prompted me to see my career progression from a different point of view. She managed to get me thinking differently without losing who I am and what I believe in.  As a consequence, I’ve been able to successfully move sector and gain promotion to Director.  I highly recommend Sally to anyone who has the drive for career progression but needs help in seeing things differently”

Supply Chain Director

“When I met Sally I had been working for my employer for ten years and was looking for career diversification into a new sector. Sally’s blend of coaching practice, underpinned by her broad industry experience, really helped me to move forward.  Her passion, enthusiasm and ability to work with me to break down challenges into sizable opportunities was outstanding. And her thought provoking questions challenged my thinking, increased my self-awareness and created a sense of positive reinforcement that boosted my confidence and ultimately improved my performance. Sally supported me on several occasions to build my own career and I hope to have an opportunity to work closely with her again.  I highly recommend Sally to anyone who has the drive for career progression or diversification.”

Leadership Development Consultant

“Great coach – tailors her approach and takes the time to develop people” 

“People have trust and confidence in her”

“Sally has stretched and evolved the organisation”

“She has done a great job in taking us to places we haven’t been before”

“Sally’s work has had a big impact in a short period of time”